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TeamViewer offers 25% discount for the paid version of the software for a very limited time. If you want to know what features the premium version is packed with scroll down to the bottom of this...More

TeamViewer offers 25% discount for the paid version of the software for a very limited time. If you want to know what features the premium version is packed with scroll down to the bottom of this page to read TeamViewer review written by us and covers paid features, too. To activate your TeamViewer coupon, click this deal button. Less

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TeamViewer is an immensely popular software used for web-based remote access as well as for IT support. The suite can be connected to any desktop or server. With this, you can easily remote control your partner’s computer as if you are sitting directly in front of it. For this to work, however, the partner must have accessed a small application which does nor really require administrative rights or installation.

TeamViewer’s software is compatible with MacOS, Linux, Windows, and Mobile devices (Android, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad).

Who Uses TeamViewer?

Computer glitches, device failures, and system crashes can bring businesses to a standstill at any time. Nevertheless, rather than wait endlessly for help from technicians, IT professionals use TeamViewer to provide immediate remote support for clients from anywhere.

Corporate help-desk technicians, IT support service providers, and other IT professionals all use TeamViewer to mitigate against computer mishaps.

Why Use TeamViewer?

  • To improve your first-call resolution rates.
  • To reduce the risk of damage to computers sent to repair facilities.
  • To save time and also cut travel expenses for onsite service calls.
  • To assist members of staff in satellite locations, work-at-home employees, clients, and business travelers.

TeamViewer Basic Features

TeamViewer is Cross-Platform: It is important to note that Teamviewer works for multiple devices – Android, iOS, MacOS, Linus, Windows 8/RT, Windows Phone, etc. So, whatever you use, the utility software is all-inclusive.

Multiple & Simultaneous Remote Sessions: Whether you want to access another computer while helping a client or several people, TeamViewer’s multiple sessions functionality allows you to do it.

Record Sessions for Reviewing: It is usual for tech professionals to review their sessions after work. These videos may be handy in the future as reference. TeamViewer provides you with a basic feature to record your sessions and convert the video into other video formats if needed.

Adjustable Visual Settings: The visual display is adjustable to different settings that appear as real as possible, even while you are working on a remote connection. You will be given multiple options like “Screen Resolution”, “Scaling”, “Quality”, etc.

Remote Access via Your Smartphone: Tech professionals use TeamViewer to access files and control their or someone else’s computer. The mobile interface is very versatile and user-friendly.

Seamless File Transfer: TeamViewer provides a simple and secure medium for exchanging files with your work partners and clients. This is another high point of the tech software. Just click the toolbar on the interface and follow the pop up instructions to start transferring your files to launch this feature.

TeamViewer’s Free Vs. Paid Features

TeamViewer provides its users with a unique set of remote computer solutions. There are two ways in which you can make use of the utility software: either for personal or for professional use. In the first case, the digital resource can be downloaded and used to assist your friend, free of charge, with his/her new project or help your family with a computer problem from a remote location. However, for business operations that require more comprehensive range of features and tools, professional subscriptions are advisable.

To make the picture more clearer, let’s compare the two scenarios.

To start with, TeamViewer offers free downloads with such features as: Non-commercial use, Cross-compatibility with other devices from a mobile phone, Screen-sharing capabilities, File sharing, Multimedia communication, M2M support with an Add-On, and Feedbacks on errors and security breaches.

On the other hand, paid subscriptions come with such outstanding features as: All the features listed for free plan + Multiple License Users, Unlimited Endpoints, Meetings and Presentations Support, Customization and Integration, Management and Administration, Available AddOns, Servicecamp, Priority Technical Support, One or more Concurrent Users, Teamwork and Reporting, Support for multiple devices, etc.

The paid features come under Business, Corporate or Premium subscription plans and each is tailored to your specific business needs.