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SearchMetrics, one of our favorite SEO tool, offers 25% discount when you order the Essential package with coupon code through the end of this year. Simply add the Essential package to your cart and on checkout...More

SearchMetrics, one of our favorite SEO tool, offers 25% discount when you order the Essential package with coupon code through the end of this year. Simply add the Essential package to your cart and on checkout page apply this SearchMetrics coupon. Don’t forget to visit us back for more SEO tool discounts. Less

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Founded by Marcus Tober in 2005, SearchMetrics is a premium content marketing and SEO tool that enables enterprises to create captivating contents and effectively connect with their customers. The SEO suite takes guesswork out of the marketing equation by providing users with deep insights into the competition and the market. Moreover, the analysis software package helps businesses to discover new market trends and take informed decisions.

Overview of  What SearchMetrics Does

According to the company, SearchMetrics was equipped with all the necessary tools required by enterprises to compare many domains, evaluate different links and to monitor keyword performance. The platform has since developed an immense database of search results to support large domains used by big enterprises. The all-in-one package can help businesses to stay updated in real-time and remain ahead of the competition.

Key Features of SearchMetrics

Some of the basic features of the No.1 online marketing tool include:

Channel Insights

This powerful feature allows marketing professionals and SEO experts to measure the business value of SEO strategies in comparison with other digital marketing channels. The comparison could be made on conversions and traffic generated on a domain level by organic research, referrals from other sites, direct traffic, and paid search.

Performance Goals and Alerts

This allows business management experts and SEO professionals to set or properly gauge SEO performance targets by using KPIs, such as SEO visibility, ranking and Traffic.

Site Structure Optimization

This is a feature that helps SEO experts to find revenue generating pages of websites and to recommend improvements to site structure and other technical aspects of sub-domains, URLs, and websites.

Conversion Insight

This is another powerful feature that provides conversion and performance insights about traffic generates via organic search on landing pages or URLs. It displays performance data insights for search engines (Baidu, Bing, Google) including those for countries (Google UK, Google Germany, etc).

SearchMetrics Benefits

As stated earlier, the SearchMetrics platform allows businesses to improve their online presence, grow search traffic, and also increase revenues by content performance optimisation. The SEO optimisation features employs a data-driven approach by relying on its huge database of transaction data.

SearchMetrics  performs analysis on the contents which your competition is using to attract a larger part of the target audience. The suite will use this data intelligence to provide you with recommendations to effectively increase your market share.

Furthermore, SearchMetrics provides businesses with deep insights into ranking, Mobile SEO, and search traffic. Again, the SEO tool gives Content recommendations based on semantic analysis and natural language processing.

The online marketing tool also covers all digital marketing strategies and campaigns, such as social, PPC, search, content, and it allows enterprises to analyse and forecast on them.

On SearchMetrics, both Executive and Operational dashboards could be built within a few minutes and it allows the users to seamlessly create traffic forecasts, custom conversion, and measure content performance across diverse platforms. The special customer analysis capabilities of the SEO utility suite provides access to an immense database and can be used to analyse domains in real-time.

Customers: Yahoo, Siemens, eBay, Zalando, tesa, and over 8,000 other big enterprises.

Pricing: SearchMetrics pricing information is provided by the company on request basis and it is quote-based.