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Nuance is a US-based international computer software technology firm. It was originally founded in 1994 as a result of SRI International’s bid to commercialize its voice recognition technology created for the US Government. In 2005, Nuance Communications merged with ScanSoft Inc. (a division of Visioneer) to become Nuance.

Overview of Nuance

Nuance developed their 1st commercial speech application back in 1996. It was based on a speech recognition technology that could be used to automate call centers, thus reducing operational costs of telecommunications companies. In simple terms, the application enabled computers to recognize or understand what a speaker said, within a specific vocabulary of phrases. This permitted its use as a speaker-independent speech recognition system for call automation.

Initially, the limited vocabulary used were a few variations of some phrases. Later, Statistical Language Modeling was used to improve the range of vocabulary.

While Nuance offers its technology to call centers, they rarely deliver the solutions directly, however. They rather engage telecom partners like Avaya, Nortel Periphonics, and Syntellect.

Partnership With Apple Inc.

Nuance also enjoys business partnership with the Apple Inc. in using Siri (an Apple product) to answer questions, perform actions by delegation, and make useful recommendations. Siri is a virtual assistant app that combines advanced natural-language processing with speech recognition. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based program allows softwares to understand phrases and their meanings. It’s used on Apple Inc.’s iOS devices, Mac OS, TV OS, and Watch OS Operating Systems.

How Nuance Works

1# Telephony Application Process:

– User invokes the App for call automation.

– App loads the vocabulary from its library and prompts the user to issue a query.

– User speaks and the speech is immediately streamed to the recognizer.

– The recognizer returns potential answers each with a probability of being correct.

2# Recognizer Process:

This phase determines speech initiation.

– Audio techniques are used to remove background noise.

– Audio is sliced into little sections of 10-100 ms in length.

– The sound in each slice is also determined.

– It then matches the sound with likely sound combinations as provided by the possible phrases.

3# System Topology:

The configuration of Nuance recognizer requires 4 to 5 apps to be used, usually supervised by a 6th app.

Nuance License Manager (NLM): It keeps a watch over concurrent speech calls.

Recognition Client (Nrecclient): The interface between the speech recognizing (or receiver) software and the IVR speech.

Nresource-manager: It is used to distribute speech loads over the recserver to provide fault-tolerance and balance load.

Ngrammar-compiler: It is an app that adds phrases to the vocabulary in a dynamic manner.

Nwatchdog: It’s a Windows or Unix daemon used to monitor and manage the processes as enumerated above and also restart them if necessary.

Key Advantages of Using Nuance for Call-Center Automation

Nuance’s AI-based Speech Recognition Tech enables users to benefit from more efficient call-handling at affordable rates. Research has shown that it’s 3 times much more expensive to hire a call-center agent to resolve enquiries than using Nuance technology. Also, it eliminates waiting time on calls.

It allows for proactive out-bound notifications for call centers. In-bound calls to call centers are normally time-consuming and hence costly. However, by using Nuance outbound notifications for delivering personalized information, companies can reduce avoidable inbound calls.

It enables speech-guided call steering and verification. This allows customers to say what they want to say in their own words. The system uses speech recognition to understand the customer’s intent and route to the right destination quickly. Nuance voice verification establishes caller’s identity by using voice biometrics. The system then uses voice self-service tech to allow customers complete tasks, such as locating the local branch of a bank or checking their account balance.

Drawbacks of Nuance

The Nuance system is prone to errors when customers are calling from noisy places. Also, the program may be unable to determine disorganized queries or poor grammar. Further, it may not be good at recognizing heavy-accented voices and human intervention is needed in such cases.

Bottom Line

Nuance’s voice recognition software is a trend-setting solution for call-center automation in the telecommunications and medical transcription sectors. It reduces caller wait-time and also minimizes the cost of maintaining call centers. In addition, it creates more satisfying customer-service interactions. Though the system requires human intervention in some cases, it’s still more affordable and efficient than relying on human agents.